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Tvedestrand, the small, traditional sailsman’s town by the Norwegian south coast, is one of two book town in Norway. The book shops of Tvedestrand offer a treasure of second-hand books for the collector or the enthusiast. In addition to the shops Tvedestrand offers a unique atmosphere of white wooden houses and a pleasant harbour area.

Visiting Tvedestrand we recommend you to make a stroll through the picturesque wooden house quarter down by the harbour. In this quiet and pleasant area of the small town you also find the bookshops. Most of them are spread out in what is becoming a triangle of bookshops, starting with Familia Antikvariat at the top, Skagerrak Antikvariat at the bottom left of the hill and Bokbanken (book bank) at the bottom right of the hill. Within this triangle there is a total of 5-10 bookshops depending on the season. The bookshops specializes in different areas, although most of them also have a broad selection of general fiction and non-fiction books.

You can reach us at TEL: +47 37 16 40 30, or at

Places of interest in the surroundings:
Bokbyen ved Skagerrak (The book town by Skagerrak) is situated in the middle of the South coast of Norway – described by “The Independent” as “The coolest Riviera in Europe”. The coast flourishes with touristic activities: Bathing, fishing, diving, sailing.

The small village Lyngør (19 kilometres / 12 miles to the east of Tvedestrand) situated on four islands, has received the Europa Nostra prize as the best kept village in Europe.

Næs Jernverksmuseum (Iron work museum) 7 kilometres /4,5 miles to the north, is based on an extremely well kept iron works factory which was established in the century.

What is a Book Town? 
A Book Town is a small town where you’ll find antiquarian bookshops and stores for second hand books. There will also be book-cafés, festivals and events connected to books.

The first book town was established in Hay-On-Wye, Wales, in 1962. Now there are more than 40 book towns all over the world.
Den norske Bokbyen («The Norwegian Book town») was established in Fjærland in 1996.
«Bokbyen ved Skagerrak» (The book town by Skagerrak) opened officially June 2003.
The Book town by Skagerrak is a member of International Organisation of Book Towns (IOB) since spring 2004.
Our vision is to make a town of books out of the old, pictoresque wooden-house downtown and harbour area of Tvedestrand, with a range of book antiquariates, and second hand book stores, book cafés and all kinds of activities related to books.

The International Book Town Fetsival 2014 will be held in Tvedestrand and Bokhotellet Lyngørporten 2-4 May, as a part of the festival Bokstavelig Talt. Jan Kløvstad is president of International Organisation of Booktowns 2012-2014.

May 2013 we hope to be a part of an EU-project project about 1. World War together with the booktowns Sedbergh, Borrby, Montereggio, Redu and Clunes. More here.

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Phone: +47 37 16 40 30

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Bokbyen ved Skagerrak
Postboks 101
N-4902 Tvedestrand

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Bokbyen ved Skagerrak
Postboks 101
Wrold Wroldsensgt. 2
4902 Tvedestrand
Tlf. 37 16 40 30

Mandag-laurdag heile året 1000-1700 (1500)

Bokbanken og Skagerrak Antikvariat, torsdag-laurdag vinterstid også Familia og Ex Libris, laurdag i tillegg Bjørndahls bokmølle. Sommarstid alle åpne 6 dagar, Bokbanken også søndag. Sjå detaljar under Bokutsalg og den enkelte butikk.


''En bokby er fantasi satt ut i praksis. La meg kalle antikvariatene og bokstedene for bokbyens gledeshus: Gleden over bøker, gleden i bøker, gleden av bøker. Når vi åpner dem, åpner de oss. Og som en bokby blir Tvedestrand større enn seg selv.''

Lars Saabye Christensen, åpningstale i Bokbyen ved Skagerrak, 28. juni 2003.